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About Yorkshire Memorials

Often it can involve several members of a family, some or all of whom may have differing views on the memorial itself, the content of the inscription and possibly the price.  It is important therefore to buy from a company where your needs will be fully understood.

Our experience in the memorial business is your guarantee of a complete, caring and quality service. 

A full design service for one-off personalised ornaments is available, together with an extensive range of standard designs.

About Memorials

Our standard memorial comes with a headstone size of 2ft 3" high, 1ft 9" wide and 3" thick. They come complete with base stone measuring 24" by 12" by 3". All memorials can be smaller or larger than the standard sizing above, up to a maximum permitted by the churchyard or authority. Most cemetery authorities restrict measurements to 4ft high by 3ft wide.

Prior to any order commencing we will send you a picture of your memorial with the design and inscription as it will appear for your approval. You will receive your order form with full cost, a customer confirmation form and a cemetery form. Only when you are ready to go ahead will a deposit be required and any cemetery fees due.

For more detailed information and prices please contact us Pricing starts from £650. This includes Flower hole and container, 100 letters cut and enameled (silver or black) and fixing in any Leeds cemetery.

The memorial will be fixed on a 460mm by 920mm concrete foundation slab and a Terrazzo foundation base, with an approved ground anchor system when required by the church or cemetery authority.

Additional costs when applicable include a larger concrete foundation (1220mm by 920mm) with the price dependent on the level of concealment. Gold leaf letters are an extra £30 on the first 100 letters. For orders over 100 letters then cut and enamel lettering is an additional £1.50 per letter, cut and guild lettering is £1.80 per letter.

Designs and motifs start at £25 for a single non-coloured rose.


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